Irvin had no sibling, but he wished he did.

His parents had considered it, but decided not to. He was disappointed, and growing up, they disappointment festered.

At age 25, he decided to do something about it.

“Excuse me,” Irvin said to the woman at the café he frequented.


“I’d like a tea, and also would you like to be my sister?”

The woman blushed, and said, “Sorry, I already have a brother. Your tea will be just a minute.”

At the grocery store, he asked the woman at the cash register – at least 15 years his senior – “Would you be my sister?”

“Sorry honey. Cash, debit, or credit?”

Irvin nodded, understanding, and handed his cash.

After several days, and many awkward encounters, he was nearing defeat. At work, he walked over to the neighbouring department, and said, half-heartedly, “Mee? Would you like to be my sister?”

“A brother?! Oh my god!” Mee said, holding her hands in front of her mouth. “I’ve always wanted a brother!”

“Really?” Irving said, surprised.

“Yes! This is amazing! Okay, what’s involved?”

“I dunno…uh, want to come over and play video games and eat pizza?”

“Yes! Tonight?”


“Done! Thanks bro!”

Irvin returned to his desk, excited.