Elegant Surroundings

“Elegant surroundings will soon be yours,” the fortuneteller said.

“What’s that mean?” James asked. “I don’t get it.”

“It is not for me to explain your fortune, merely to relay it to you.”

“What? Yes it is! That’s what I paid you for, to tell me what my future is!”

“That’s what I’ve done. You may interpret as you will, but elegant surroundings will soon be yours.” The old woman threw a cloth over her crystal ball and sat back.

“So, like, I’ll visit the queen? Or I’ll inherit a nice house? What?”

“That is all I can say.”

James sat back in his chair and scratched at his arm. He glared across the short table, intent now on waiting this out. The fortuneteller took out a deck of cards and began shuffling. They sat for some minutes, the fortuneteller shuffling, James just staring at her.

Finally, James stood. “Look, any hint at all? Can you give me anything?”

“I can tell you nothing, but that – ”

“Yeah yeah. ‘Elegant surroundings will soon be mine.’ Thanks for ripping me off. Fuck you.”

He walked out of the tent. He caught a glimpse of a man holding a fine rug, only to have that rug thrown over his head, his world darkened. He was trussed up and thrown over a shoulder, unable to fight back. The fortuneteller chuckled to herself, waiting for her next client.


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