At the Beach

Josie knelt in the sand, grabbed a bucket, and started filling.

Handful by handful, the bucket grew heavier. Josie stopped, swirled her hand inside, and pushed down, compressing it all. Then she started scooping some more.

When the bucket was filled to the top, Josie stood. She grabbed the bucket, her tiny arm straining to lift it off the ground. She pulled it over a metre or so, then stopped. She pushed the bucket over on its side, then upended it all the way. She hit the top, as her mother and told her to do, and slowly lifted the bucket off the sand.

A perfect cone stood in front of her, wider at the base, tapering just a little, and flat at the top. Josie admired her work.

Nodding, she stood. Three more cones to make, then she needed to start on the walls.


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