Lone Zucchini

A single zucchini sat on a chair.

It was green, slightly shriveled, and in want of attention. It would not receive that attention.

The day before, it was brought home from the store, in a package of six zucchinis. The recent glut had led to such sales.

After opening the package and inspecting them, the purchaser of the zucchinis had decided this one didn’t meet his standards. He left it on the chair, to throw out later.

Waking up in the morning, he made a mental note to throw it out when he left for work. Forgetting, the zucchini stayed where it was.

This would happen for several days, until the zucchini started to smell. Finally, the purchaser would take the zucchini to its new home, the compost. There, it would continue its life of decay, and give birth to new zucchinis, who would, in their turn, be abandoned and decay, and give birth to still more.


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