Woodrow didn’t have a good downward facing dog.

He was an inflexible man, in both body and mind. He wanted to burn the heretics (not literally), to imprison everyone (almost), and had only about 30 degrees of motion in his neck.

While his mind was left to its own devices, Woodrow’s doctor informed his that he needed to get his mobility increased, or he would have a bad time in his old age. At 40, it was now or never, the doctor said.

So Woodrow started yoga, only to find he was worse than he thought. His forward fold was more of a light bend. His child’s pose (which he resented) was more of a kneeling. And his downward-facing dog was only slightly more bent that a plank.

But he kept with it, trying to put aside the hokey-ness of this nonsense, and gradually his body improved. After several months, he could bend a little farther, move a little more. With that mission accomplished, he went on to the next thing.


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