The Gym

Start Now! the sign exclaimed. Rest of month = free!

Sheila narrowed her eyes. She looked down at her watch – July 25th. That meant 6 days free. Well, can’t hurt, she thought.

Walking in to the gym, Sheila looked around. Two people walked slowly on treadmills, looking beaten. The salesperson stood by a computer, staring at his phone. From the entrance, Sheila could see he was playing a candy-related spinoff game.

She waited, not knowing is she should walk any further in. The two walkers stared at the blank wall ahead of them. The salesperson kept looking at his phone.

Sheila thought about clearing her throat, making some sound – beyond the ding she had heard the door make as she entered – or something to draw attention to herself. Then she shrugged. If this was how things were, no thanks, she thought.

Turning, Sheila left. The door dinged, but no one looked. The walkers kept their funereal pace.


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