The Moon

Roberta stared at the moon.

“You shouldn’t look so long, you’ll hurt your eyes,” Portia said, lowering herself down beside Roberta.

“That’s the sun. During the day.” Roberta said.

“Oh yeah. Whatcha thinkin?”

“About going there.”

“Where, the sun?”

Roberta hit Portia’s knee. “No, dummy, the moon.”

“How will you get there?”

“Once I finish my bachelor’s, then do a master’s, then a Ph.D., then do another, then apply and train for years.”

“That doesn’t sound fun.”


“All to go to the moon?” Portia looked at Roberta’s face, staring up, bathed in the moonlight.


“What if you’re not selected?”

“Hell, if I make it that far, I’ll be some kind of genius anyway, I’m sure I’ll find something interesting to do. Besides, maybe we’ll have tourism to the moon by then.”

“Yeah maybe,” Portia looked back up at the bright pale circle. “You ever wonder if it’s secretly inhabited?”

“Nope. Well. Not usually.”



The two kept staring quietly.


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