The Cure for a Cold

As far as remedies go, Jada’s was eccentric.

When the cold his, Jada started immediately with a litre of water. Once she finished that – it had to be done within fifteen minutes – she would start boiling a cup of milk. She did nothing with the boiled milk, other than inhale the fumes. She sometimes held a towel over her head, over the pot, and smelled, but didn’t find this helped much.

After the boiled milk, Jada ate a single slice of bread – untoasted – then a teaspoon of honey.

As the final help, Jada drank another five hundred millilitres of water, with a tablespoon of turmeric stirred in.

There was no scientific basis for the cure, but Jada swore by it, and she was never sick for more than three days.


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