Ball to the Face

A soccer ball to the face is never a pleasant experience.

It was this fate that was to befall Herbert on a fateful September afternoon, in the middle of the park. A group of people were playing a small game, the goals made up of shoes or shirts. Herbert watched, a short distance off, and when someone noticed, he was waved in. He didn’t know them, but still they insisted.

Quickly joining the team of the inviter, Herbert took the goal position, releasing the former keeper to run up front.

Just five minutes later, as the opposing team made a come-back, the ball went high and met Herbert’s face. His nose started bleeding, and the game was stopped.

The kicker, a young woman also recently called in to the game, was horrified. She took him off the field, and the two sat to the side, holding a rag over the nose until it would stop bleeding. They talked, he laughed it off, and they both enjoyed watching the rest of the game.

They parted ways, and didn’t see each other again.

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