Lonely City

Anisa was lonely, and no one would help.

She sat at a table, staring around her. People went to the counter and ordered food, they sat at their own tables talking or reading. But no one came to sit with her.

Anisa had hoped to meet a friend here, to talk about life, university, what have you. But the friend bailed at the last minute – quite literally one minute before they were to meet – and this was a recurring theme. Everyone in the city seemed to live in a “plans are unimportant” mindset.

So Anisa sat, watching, occasionally sipping her tea, and hoping a stranger would sit.

“Excuse me,” a deep voice broke her reverie. “Is this seat taken?”

“No!” Anisa said, pleased. “Go right ahead.”

“Great, thanks,” said the man, who then turned to the chair to the next table, and sat with his friends.

Anisa said, and returned to her mind.


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