Sugar Cookie

Three cookies were laid before Morgan, and he could not decide.

One was beige with dark brown chunks – your standard chocolate chip cookie, large, and moist-looking.

One was dark, almost black, with white chunks – a double chocolate cookie. This one looked less moist, but that may have simply been a trick of the light.

The last looked dry, pale, with nothing inside. Just as it was, a little mound of stuff, held together by who knew what. A sugar cookie, with no real benefits beyond that sugar.

Morgan was town, unsure what he wanted in a cookie. Do I want ol’ faithful? he thought. Or maybe an extra spurt of chocolate? Or just a sugar rush, a nice test for my pancreas.

“Surprise me,” Morgan finally said to the server.

“You sure? It won’t be a surprise, I’m just going to pick one of these up.”

“It’s fine. You decide for me.”

The server shrugged, then grabbed the sugar cookie. Morgan was disappointed, but didn’t want to say anything. He knew he’d still enjoy it, but he realized he had been hoping for the chocolate. Still, he paid, and went to sit down and eat the treat.


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