The Gamer

Carol was a master gamer.

Few could compete with her on the field of battle. In puzzle games, she knew every trick, from where to place the companion cube to just what to do with the blob. In MMORPGs, her characters were like a god among mice. In first-person shooters, she was always the predator.

It was only when she was feeling benevolent that she put herself into the beginner rooms. She would play with others in team or one-on-one, going easy on them while still coming out victorious. They cursed her, shouted lewd acts regarding her mother, and all the while she would remain quiet, never letting them know she was she. She did, however, seek out other quiet beginners, finding young females who refrained from the abuses of the internet, and invited them to her training ground.

It was in this way that Carol slowly developed her army. Come the day of reckoning, the boys would cry.


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