Two Piece

The introduction of the bikini, Marna thought, was the beginning of a downhill trend.

Sure, lots of folks liked them. Many of those folks were men, but some were women. However, the expectation of wearing one was just too much.

It’s not that she couldn’t rock a two-piece. She could. People were often eyeing her as she walked past, or buying her drinks, or asking her to coffee without having even introduced themselves.

For Marna, it was the principle of the thing. She didn’t want to have to flaunt her genetic fortune. She didn’t like the expectation of disrobing for others. She thought, generally, that it was not a little demeaning, and rather a lot indicative of assumed subservience.

Her friends disagreed, as they lounged on their chairs. But Marna didn’t push her thoughts on them; she simple lay in her dress, enjoying the sunshine from under her hat.


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