Orange Blossoms

The opening of an orange blossom was Lacy’s favourite moment in the year.

Her orange tree was small, carefully cultured. Living on the northern end of a temperate climate – close to the 49th parallel – she couldn’t keep her orange tree outdoors all year. The snow would do it in in just a few days, so her orange tree lived in a bucket that was moved in and out, depending on the season.

The early summer, though, usually brought orange blossoms, and Lacy loved them. The little white petals that would later close up and create the fruit to eat in mid-November, after the careful move indoors. She always enjoyed her harvest.

The tree was small, and work excessive for the gains, but it was still a delight every year for her. But most of all, Lacy loved the scent of the orange blossoms in the air.


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