Chocolate Pudding Addict

Lavina waited for this day every year.

There was usually no warning about Chocolate Pudding Day. Usually it was some day in June, but Dexter’s Pudding Co. had been known to throw it in May, or July, and one year, November.

Today, though, was Chocolate Pudding Day. Social Media told Lavina so, and it was confirmed when she called the company, as she did every morning to ask. “Chocolate Pudding Day is a go today,” the voice on the other end said.

So Lavina grabbed her Tupperware – a whole backpack full – and an extra bowl and spoon, and set out. She found the first pudding vendor, who filled two containers and sent her on. The next filled three. The next only one.

In this way, she hopped around town, finding every free dispenser of chocolate pudding. On her last one, she had her bowl filled to the brim, and spent the entire walk home eating it. She got a refill two blocks from her house.

Stuffing a few containers in her fridge, and rest in her freezer, Lavina was set for another few months.


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