First Lap

Rashad watched the people in the pool, back and forth, back and forth. He had only arrived a few minutes previously, but already it seemed that they had been swimming for hours.

Rashad didn’t get it. What was so fun about going back and forth? People told him it was the exercise that was good, the exertion, the doing. It was like meditation, they claimed. It was peaceful. It was good for the mind and the body.

Rashad was skeptical.

As he watched them all go back and forth, he wondered, again, whether he should get in. It’s probably good for me, he thought.

Rising from his chair, Rashad walked toward the water. He considered the deep end, but then thought, no, I should go in the shallow. Who knows how this will go. Having never been swimming before, he didn’t even know if he could, though watching everyone, it didn’t seem that hard.

Stepping down the stairs into the water, he was met with the cool, but not too cold, feeling. It was okay. This will be okay.

He immersed himself, and started to paddle. Then it got difficult.


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