A Blank Page

Yuriko sat in front of her typewriter, staring at the blank page.

The page called to Yuriko, asking for something. Anything. A sentence, a word, even a single letter.

Yuriko had nothing.

It was not for lack of ideas. Yuriko was filled with ideas, carrying a pocket-sized pad of paper to jot them down in, maintaining another list on her phone, and a third list that comprised a stack of napkins and placemats she had collected over time.

But sitting now, in front of the typewriter, all those ideas came welling up to knock Yuriko down. She could not start amid the flurry of thought.

Trying to tame the mind was no good. She had attempted yoga, meditation, playing video games, coffee, reading, everything. But still, sitting in from the of the page left Yuriko struggling for control.

Knowing there was only one way around this, Yuriko lifted her hand. She reached forward, and held her index finger over the “A”. She hesitated. She looked at the A. Then what? she thought. A what?

Lowering her hand, Yuriko left the A untyped. She stood and walked to the kitchen and put the kettle on. A cup of tea, she thought to herself, might help.

The page remained clear.


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