Roxie’s Bike

Roxie loved her bicycle, and raced it whenever she could.

She no longer had anyone to race against – long since becoming faster than all her friends – but still, she pushed herself. Every day, she tried to become a little faster. Rain, shine, even in the snow, she would be out on two wheels, flying down the roads.

She had been doored twice, and nearly hit by a left-turning vehicle. But still she raced against her own time. She sought shorter routes, easier turns, occasionally safer ways of riding. But mostly, she just wanted to do a little better than yesterday.

As she pushed down the road now, though, she knew she wouldn’t do it – the trucks in the way, the man with the stop sign, the construction going on everywhere. She was delayed at every step, and it would be her worst day yet.

But she wasn’t worried. Tomorrow she would be out again, trying a different, looking for a way to get back to speed. And the next day, she would get a little faster than that.


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