Egg Day

It was egg day, and the eggs were terrified.

They knew what was coming. Every morning they were met with the prospect of their imminent doom. But on egg day? Egg day was the worst of them.

The humans normally had one egg each. With three humans, that was three selected for cooking, every single day.

But on egg day, they had three eggs each, and invited grandma and grandpa. That meant fifteen eggs total, cracked, beaten, and cooked to hardness. The eggs were terrified.

The fridge door opened, and the eggs waited, tense. A hand came in. There was laughter outside. The hand grabbed one, then a second. The door closed. The laughter continued, the door not opening again.

Then they heard it; “pancakes”. Someone said it. They didn’t know who. But it was glorious. Only two lost – who would be mourned – and a reprieve for the rest.

Egg day became a glorious day, if just this once.


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