Rocky Road

Teodora was riding her bike when she hit the rocky road.

This road wasn’t just light gravel, well-compacted. It was exceptionally rocky, large stones with occasional boulders. It would have been fine for a large vehicle, or even a mountain bike. But Teodora was on a racing bike – thin wheel, light frame, very maneuverable but not great with non-asphalt terrain.

The first few feet were fine. Then she hit a rock, and went stumbling. She didn’t fall, but the stumble was unpleasant enough. She got back on, tried again, and her wheel became wedged between two large stones.

Teodora removed the wheel from her bike, then twisted and pulled until it was free. She re-attached it and carried on, only to get it stuck again.

After the third time, Teodora left the wheel behind. Her bicycle became a unicycle, and though awkward, she could continue.

Her back wheel was stuck next. She freed it, only to bend the whole thing. She tried to bend it back, but it wouldn’t straighten enough to be rideable.

Leaving the bike behind entirely, Teodora started to walk. The terrain was so bad, however, that she soon rolled her ankle. As she sat on the ground, Teodora wondered whether it was worth finishing the track. She saw mountain bikers go past, and finally decided she would continue.

Hopping, she made it another few metres before her foot got stuck.

Teodora sat down, and gave up.


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