The Middle Age

Jamie showed up to work in full chain mail, a shield on one arm, a sword at his hip.

His workmates watched as he walked in, clinking heavily. His boots weighed him down, made of leather and steel. The helmet made his head difficult to hold up.

Everyone watched as Jamie made the long, slow march to his desk. He set his shield down, leaning against the wall, just under his printer. He moved the sword over, then lowered his body down to sit in the office chair. He pressed the power button on his computer, and it booted up.

As he sat, the weight of his clothing caused the chair to sink. He ignored this, reaching his arms higher, despite the gauntlets pulling him down.

“Jamie?” his boss asked. “Do you, uh, have something after work?”

“No, good sir, I simply come prepared to battle.”

“O…kay. Well, be careful, please, especially with the sword. And, just so you know, the middle ages are over.”

“Hardly. The middle ages have returned. Look only upon the pamphlets now spread around, you knave.”

“Indeed. Well, as I said, be careful.”


The boss walked away, spinning a finger near his head as he caught others’ eyes. They snickered, while Jamie started to type.

3 thoughts on “The Middle Age

      • That happened between me and my best friend once. Took several weeks of talking to support and getting no where. Eventually solved it on our own. Then support emailed him like a whole year later saying the problem had been resolved. So dumb.

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