The Important of Protection

The importance of sunscreen was lost on Rory.

He hated the goo, the oily mess it made of his skin. He avoided it at all costs, usually staying in the shade, or just not staying out long enough to get damaged.

But when he took a trip down south with his girlfriend, and they lay about beside the pool, he didn’t count on his small tan being too little for the tropical clime.

It only took 20 minutes for Rory to burn. But they stayed out for 2 hours, he mostly in the pool drinking, and ogling her as she lay in a lounger in her bikini.

They went in to their room some time later, and it was about an hour after that when Rory’s mistake really set in.

He was tender at first. Then he was hurting. Then the blisters formed, and Rory stripped down to his shorts, already in tears. His girlfriend got some aloe from the front desk, finished the bottle in one go, and got 5 more bottles from the nearby pharmacy.

Rory spent the rest of their vacation trying to recover. Finally, on the last day, he felt fit enough to go out again. As the two lay by the pool, he laughed at her rubbing herself with sunscreen.


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