Lucky Penny

Shasta had a lucky penny, that no one knew about.

She had found it one day, walking to school, the third last day of the seventh grade. There was an exam that day – not a useful one, but one to get them ready for when exams actually started in grade eight. Shasta was nervous, ready, having studied but not feeling like it was enough.

As she reached the sidewalk outside the school, she saw it there, a little copper circle. She grabbed it, stuffed it in her shoes, and carried on.

Shasta did so well on the exam, she was put in advanced classes. She kept doing well, making sure she had her lucky penny in her shoes every year, every exam.

One day, in university, she had handed in a paper without having the penny in her shoe. She had received a C minus, the only one in her life, and indeed the only mark below the A line.

Now, as she walked up the aisle toward her soon-to-be-husband, she stopped. Everyone breathed in, suddenly worried she would turn and run. Many had mentioned the problem with him – he was white, after all – but no one had said anything. Now, they knew, she must be doubting.

Feeling around in her shoe, Shasta almost turned around. But then it was there. Her lucky penny, the little copper between her toes. She smiled, and continued forward. Everyone else breathed out in relief, while they whispered about the likely divorce. Shasta, however, was happy, knowing they would last forever.

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