Gridlock Entertainment

Alexa sat in her car, the usual afternoon talk radio chattering away. Her head was resting on her hand, the other hand on the wheel of her car. She was bored, tired, and wanted to get home.

Outside, the pedestrians were flying past. She had seen two pass her and reach the lights in the distance, and more were on their way. Then, it happened.

The man next to her car threw his elbows out, bent his knees, and started to dance.

With his spindly legs and little wings, he became the epitome of a chicken. She watched as the chicken dancer spun, pulled some Michael Jackson-esque moves in a chicken style, and started making his way down the road, entertaining all the cars trapped in the daily gridlock.

Alexa started to giggle, and when she started, she had to continue. Soon tears were streaming down her face as the chicken dancer continued along. Cars honked, and as the man neared the intersection, she began applauding, her fellow drivers joining in.

The man turned to the right, and disappeared from view. Alexa sighed, smiling, and rested her head back on her hand. Her car inched forward.

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