Shrimp Ring

Ona took two shrimp, and laid them out to make a ring.

Everyone in the next room was eagerly awaiting her surprise. She promised them a shrimp ring unlike anything they had seen before.

On returning to the kitchen, though, Ona had found the shrimp she had purchased the day before mostly a spoiled mess. Only three were edible; one she had eaten, the last to now laid on the plate before her.

The rest of the shrimp – some eighty little crustaceans – were now in the compost bin. Lost, to the ravages of time.

Ona pushed them around a little, added a flourish of seafood sauce and a sprig of parsley, and lifted the plate. She hoped the crowd would buy this minimalist food.

Her friends cheered as she entered, the plate high above her head. She brought it down to reveal the offering. They were silent, in awe. A slow clap started, and spread throughout the room.

Ona smiled, and bowed. The shrimp were carefully sliced by the first person to the plate, while Ona returned to find some more snacks, so she could properly feed everyone, relieved she had kept them all delighted and entertained.


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