First Day

Chris entered the main office, and waited. No one was sitting at the reception desk, and there was no way to see if anyone was in yet.

He was early, of course, for his first day of the internship. He was always early. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it just meant he had to wait.

Someone appeared, and said, “Oh, hello.”

“Hi,” Chris said. “I’m Chris, I’m supposed to start today?”

“Right, welcome! I’m James.” James extended his hand over the desk. After shaking, he said, “Here, I’ll let you through the security door, come in come in.”

Chris walked in and looked around – it was the same as it looked from the other side of the desk, though with a few more files scattered about.

“Right this way, I’ll show you where you’ll be working,” James said, leading him in.

Chris was led to a desk in a dark corner, no one else nearby. The only person he had actually seen was James. It was eerie.

“So, just take a seat, there’s your computer, and you can get right to work,” James said. “Let me know if you need anything.” He walked away.

Chris sat down, turned on the computer, and stared at the startup screen. He wanted to ask what he was supposed to do, but was worried of looking dumb. So he sat, looked at the desktop, and tried to figure out what would make him look busy.

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