No Diet Day

Andy stood at the counter and ordered another plate of food.

Four plates sat beside him, large, greasy, and scraped clean. He had consider each before ordering it, weighing the options presented. Potatoes, bacon, pancakes, chicken, French toast, filet mignon…anything and everything was possible, and Andy consumed it all.

He didn’t look like a man to polish off five plates of food (probably six, but that was yet to be considered). When asked, he generally only had one small meal, a reasonably-sized portion. Today, though…

“Why you eatin’ so much honey?” the waitress asked. “Trying to forget?”

“Something like that,” Andy said.

“Who is she?”


“That you’re tryin’ to forget?”

“No one. But I allow myself one day a year to break my diet and binge, and today’s the day. I have no calorie-counting to do, so I’m going to enjoy it.”

The waitress nodded, looking at him askance, and walked off, the bell letting her know his order was up.


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