May Day

“May day, may day!”

“Everything okay, Emilina?” Irving asked.

“Yeah, of course, why?”

“You were just shouting out mayday!”

“Because it’s May first! May day!”

“Okay but you can’t just shout ‘mayday’ in a search and rescue office, and not expect us to wonder what’s wrong, or if you need help with anything.”

“But it’s May day! What else would shout?”

“I dunno, ‘Happy first of May’? Or, ‘Hey everyone, today is the first day of the new month, let’s celebrate’? Better than a call for help.”

“Well, excuse me. I suppose on June first, I’ll have to say something else, and can’t shout, ‘June day’?”

“I don’t think you’re getting the problem here.”

“I don’t think you’re very fun.”

“Touche.” Irving walked away, shaking his head, while Emilina did the same.


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