Hug an Australian

Jefferson, an Australian with hooked nose, beady eyes, and long hair, was not a fan of hug and Australian day.

He had no good cause for his dislike – he enjoyed it when his friends gave him hugs, and even when non-friends did so. Perhaps it was the broad specificity of the day; hug anyone at all, but only if they’re Australian. Why not hug a Swede, or a Chadian? A Pakistani or a Russian? Why only Australians?

It wasn’t so much that Jefferson didn’t like the attention. But when Darron, a pasty white, American man came up and shouted, “My Aussie friend!”, throwing his arms wide, Jefferson dodged, then pushed his Japanese friends into the man’s arms. Ginno was confused, the white man was confused, and Jefferson smiled.

“Much better,” Jefferson said. He started walking away, and Ginno hurried to catch up, and Darron just stood there, dumbfounded.

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