Second Earth

Esta was the first to land on Second Earth. After checking the surroundings, the air quality, and the general state, she was followed soon after by the rest of the ship, but she was the first.

The leaving of First Earth, the dry, desiccated husk of an orb floating in the university, was a quick affair. Not much remained, though they had the genetic material for plenty of plants, and a few animals. Not enough, but a few; enough to release into the wild and allow to breed. Maybe eventually to create food.

Esta enjoyed her few days alone, surveying the planet. 8 years on a too-small ship with too many people had left her feeling cooped up, constantly exhausted. When volunteers for the planet were requested, she was the first to raise her hand, and was accepted. Everyone knew she was serious, thorough, and mindful of most every detail.

Second Earth was green, blue, and warm. Not too warm, but not too cold. They chose a temperate locale, not too far from somewhere with winter, but far enough to be good for constant crop growth.

Esta looked out on the verdant hills, and nodded. It would work, she thought. She signalled the ship, and stepped back out, ready to enjoy a few more hours of peace and solitude. Maybe, she thought, I’ll build a hermitage for myself.


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