Come In, Please

Althea opened the door.

“Rex! Come here boy! Come inside!”

In the yard, Rex looked up from his sniffing around. He seemed to consider Althea’s demand, then dismiss it. He wasn’t big on obeying at the best of times, but he always considered what she said. This time, he stayed out, though the rain was falling and his fur was getting wet.

The choice to adopt a bear was an odd one, and Althea had suffered plenty of questions from family, friends, and the city council. Still, Rex had been good to her, and she good to him. They were close friends, and looked out for each other. Rex was gentle, and Althea was giving.

Now, however, Althea needed to go out, but wasn’t about to lock Rex outside in the rain. She had been trying to teach him how to work the sliding patio door, but he didn’t quite have it yet, so she made sure to take him in before she left for work. But now she really needed to go, and he was staying out.

“Rex, please, I really need to go now. Can you come inside, and I’ll let you back out as soon as I get home?”

Rex looked at her again, shrugged, and continued to sniff.

Althea was about to close the door and leave when Rex squatted, leaving a large turd on the ground behind him. He jogged toward the door, grumbling at her as he passed inside. She closed it, thanked him, and hurried to the front door, grabbing her umbrella for the walk to the subway.


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