Cheese Ball

Candace took the mass of creamed and shredded cheese in her hand, and started to roll.

Twirling and twirling the glob, she applied gentle pressure until it gradually changed from an amorphous blob into a round ball. It was firm, though getting less so with the heat of her hands. She set it down again, and took another.

When the second was finished, Candace took the first, now cooled and fully firm again, and she placed it on the plate with an assortment of spices. She rolled it around, and the spices stuck, giving the ball a pebbled texture. Once fully crusted, she tossed the ball up in the air, catching it gently to both maintain the shape, but still knock off the loose spices.

Candace continued this until she had a small pile, some twelve cheese balls sitting on the counter.

Turning, Candace took the first ball, and shouted, “Cheese ball fight!” throwing the ball at her friend across the room. With that, the war was on.

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