Trust Fall

Bert stood in the middle of a field, the wind blowing around him.

It was a supremely windy day, and Bert had been waiting for one like it for some weeks. Now, when it was finally here, he was excited.

The wind blew around him, changing direction, never fully certain. He waited, was patient. It kept changing, coming and going, sometimes restful and quiet, sometimes forceful, causing him to step back. But Bert was patient.

He had wanted to try this for some time, since he had read about trust falls and the joys and pitfalls that could come with those. He had very few friends, and none that he would trust enough to help him with this. None who would support him. So he waited for the wind.

The grass around him rolled in waves, the tide ebbing and flowing with great speed. The sea of green around him was roiling, getting ready for something big.

As the storm picked up, Bert smiled. It was time. The wind settled on a southerly direction, and Bert turned himself to catch it. He spread his arms, waited, and as another gust picked up, he leaned back.

The wind caught him. It held him up, the speed just enough to support Bert’s slight form, in his open jacket. His hair blew forward into his face, but his eyes were closed.

The support was like a chilly hug, holding him up and supporting him in everything, like a caress from a long-time lover, peace from all around.

The gust was dying down, and Bert caught himself before he fell. It had been everything he had hoped for, and he felt better with himself, with the world around him. He turned, bowed his head, and thanked the wind. He turned his back to it once more, and waited for the next gust.


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