University Administration

“Excuse me,” Tamara said to administrative assistant, sitting behind the desk.

“Yes?” the young man in glasses said.

“I’m trying to find out about my courses. I’m registered for them, but they’ve suddenly disappeared in my timetable, and I can’t find out where my exams are happening.”

“Oh, we’ve been hearing that a lot. You need to send an email to the accounts administrator.”

“I did that, and they only replied to say it wasn’t their job.”

“Oh, well, try the course planner, I’ve got their email here somewhere.”

“I did that, too. They said I should contact the exam planner, who told me to contact the ID administrative council, who told me to contact the U-ID Oversight Committee, who told me to talk to you.”

“Oh. Well, have you tried speaking with the dean?”

“Twice. He hasn’t returned either email.”

The administrative assistant looked at his computer, clicked a button, and the printer started to run. “Okay, well, here’s a print out of your exams.”

“O…kay. And I’ll still have credit for the courses when I finish them?”

“You’ll need to contact the course registrar to find out about that.”

Tamara clenched one fist, taking the paper with the other. “Thank you.” She turned and left, already composing the email in her head.


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