Things on Sticks

Aurelia looked over the food options. It was typical street fair fare – trucks of chips, hot dogs, and other deep fried goods. She didn’t feel particularly inspired by these, or the lone ice cream truck, so continued along the line.

At the very end, a small little stand – not a truck, but a table with an umbrella overhead, and a small barbecue in back – sat, with a hand-written sign. “Things on Sticks”, it read. Aurelia was intrigued.

“Hi there,” she said the man at the table. “What sorts of things do you have on sticks?”

“All sorts!” the man exclaimed. “Whatever you like, we have it! We’ve got hot dogs, we’ve got chicken, we’ve got vegetables and fruits. You want a potato on a stick, we can do that. We have salad on sticks, or desserts on sticks, or even just plain old butter on a stick.”

“Hmm,” Aurelia said, impressed with the options. She didn’t know where he had it all hidden – the stall didn’t seem that big – but the food itself sounded interesting. “Okay, what if I were to ask you about perogies on a stick?”

“Perogies? No problem! That’s one of our specialties.” The man reached down under the table and pulled out a stick with a dozen perogies skewered on it. He set them on the barbecue and closed the lid. “That’ll be five dollars.”

“Is that all?” Aurelia said, surprised.

“Yes, just five, thank you.”

She handed him the bill, then dropped two more in his tip jar.

“Thank you,” the man said with a smile. A moment later he grabbed the stick off the barbecue. The perogies were hot, slightly crisp but not burnt. He handed them to her, along with a small cup of sour cream. “Enjoy,” he said.

“Thanks, I will!” Aurelia walked away and took a bit. The perogies were the best she’d had in years.


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