Canned Goods

Garth grabbed the can and started opening it.

His can opener wasn’t particularly good. Just a small piece of metal to pierce it, that you can twist around the whole lid. It did the job, but wasn’t fun. Still, Garth opened the can.

He pulled the lid up, leaving just a small piece connected. It would be easier to clean up later that way, he had learned from experience. Not that he was terribly concerned with the clean-up; just in to the recycling bin. But still, better to have forethought.

Taking his fork, Garth dove in. The spinach was moist, cold, and rather metallic-tasting. But he ate it, and ate it all. He knew it wouldn’t have an immediate effect – he was hardly Popeye – but over time, it would work its magic, and he would become stronger. He was sure. Had been sure for several years now. It just took time.

After the can of spinach, Garth was still hungry, so a chocolate bar for calories. Then he went back to his game, ready to fight the baddies once more.


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