“Hmm,” Norman said, looking at his menu.

“Sir, if you’d like, I can come back when you’re ready.”

“Sorry,” Norman said, “I know you’re busy. But I can’t really decide. So if you had to recommend either the pancakes, or the French toast, which would you say is better?”

The waiter pursed his lips. “Well, the pancakes come in a stack, so you get a little more bang for your buck. And you can get any kind of topping you want. The French toast is less, but it’s spiced with cinnamon and we use an artisanal nut bread which is delicious. So, I guess, do you want quality or quantity?”

Norman looked at the menu again, looking over the picture. “I like both. Can I get a large quantity of quality?”

“We could get you two orders of French toast, if you like. Or one each, French toast and pancakes.”

“Oh, hmm…even more options. Okay, what about a half order of each?”

“We can do that if you like. It might end up being a little more than half the price of each half order, it depends on what our system allows.”

“Oh, well, I’m not sure then.” Norman looked down once more. “Okay, I guess I’ll go with the omelette.”

“The omelette, yes sir. And did you want sausage, or hash browns?”

“Hm, good question, I’m not sure.”

“I’ll put you down for hash browns.”

“Perfect, thank you.” Norman closed the menu and handed to the waiter, who rolled his eyes as he walked away.


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