The puppy looked left, then right, then sat.

“Come on, Leroy,” Dave said. “We’re walking!”

Leroy just sat, staring at him. Why, he thought to himself, would I go away from the comfort of home? It’s nice there. Are you trying to give me away, like my mom apparently did? Or what, you want me to wander about somewhere that I don’t know, this place of noises and smells and madness? No thank you. Let’s go home, buddy.

“Leroy, come!” Dave said. “Come here boy!” He held his hand.

Leroy narrowed his eyes, just a little. He tried to see if he had anything in his hand, but he had fallen for that too many times. He knew there was nothing there, he hadn’t put his hand in his pocket like he usually does. So Leroy kept sitting. He twisted a little, scratched his neck where he was still getting used to the collar, then looked back at her, still unwilling to move.

“Come on, boy. Please? Here, I have a treat.” Dave put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a piece of kibble.

Leroy sighed, then got onto all fours and trotted forward. Dave started to back away, and Leroy stopped, sitting again. I’m not doing this if you’re going to run away, buddy, he thought to himself. Stay. Good boy.

He came forward again, seeing that Dave had learned his lesson. He took the piece of kibble, and continued along for half a block before getting tired again. He stopped, sat, and looked behind them.

Dave tried again to get him to come, then walked back and said, “Okay, let’s go home boy.”

Leroy stood and started running back towards the house, ready for a good long nap.


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