French Bread

Jodi grabbed the stick of bread and raised it high.

That she called it a stick of bread was not out of ignorance on Jodi’s part. She knew it was properly called French Bread. She knew that calling it “Stick Bread” confused most of her friends. But she bought it as a stick, it looked like a big long stick, and if it didn’t have the tough consistency of a stick, she wouldn’t be able to do what she was now planning on.

Looking across the breakfast table she stared Kavita in the eye and shouted, “En Garde!”

“Thanks for the warning,” Kavita said, raising her own baguette.

The two dueled for a few moments, before both of their baguettes were broken and in pieces. The fell to their chairs, giggling, and tore of pieces to eat, dipping it in jams and maple syrup, and agreeing that Kavita, with more bread left, had won this round.

5 thoughts on “French Bread

  1. P.S. I’d like to feature you on Endever’s site this Saturday. Nothing required from you. I promise I’ll only say nice things 🙂

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