The Infographic Altruist

Lara’s infographics were the best infographics.

She didn’t particularly believe this herself – she was constantly doubting what she did. But when she posted them online, they were spread far and wide. People took credit for them themselves, and she didn’t particularly mind that, as it was enough that the information was getting out.

When creating her infographics, Lara searched far and wide for information. She made sure everything was fact-checked, usually in three or four different reputable sources. She then tested her graphics on a few friends for readability and clarity.

Once out in the wild, her infographics were used by everyone, people on all sides of the political sphere arguing pros and cons, good and bad. Again, Lara wasn’t concerned, because it meant more people would get a bit of education.

Lara was an infographic pioneer, and a true altruist. Education was her endgoal, the forgotten hope that was the internet.

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