Good Morning!

“Hey Kiera, how’s it going?” Kareem asked.

“Well,” Kiera said, looking up from her newspaper. “First of all, politics are a shambles. There’s a capitalist bent to everything, and doing something actually good for people is forgotten. Second of all, I burnt my tongue this morning when I made oatmeal. Third of all, everyone is an idiot. I saw so many red lights run on my way here. And fourth of all, this paper if awful. I know it’s free, but the writing is terrible, the editors have a clear conservative bent, and the arguments are about as salient as a pig covered in muck. In conclusion, Kareem, life is shit, people are shit, and I hate everything.”

“Huh. So, good morning then?” Kareem said, sitting down.

“Fuck it all,” Kiera said.


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