Looking at her hands, Desiree thought she could cry.

In them, there were the remains of her sanity, her only means of staying comfortable. Two large, round, fluffy pieces, formerly connected by a piece of plastic. Connected no longer – the plastic was in three pieces.

It should only have snapped in half, but the plastic was old and brittle, and as Desiree had lifted them to her head, the earmuffs snapped in two spots simultaneously. She had collected the pieces, and now looked at them sadly. Five years she had used these earmuffs, and now they were no longer.

Desiree set the pieces down on the table. Maybe I can repair them, she thought to herself. Not now. But later. Maybe they can be glued together, or reattached somehow. Who knows.

Grabbing her work bag, Desiree took a deep breath, readying herself. She stepped out into the cold air. Her ears were already bright red, and numbing quickly. It was a long walk to the car. “No walking today,” she mumbled to herself.

Getting in, she turned the key. Her ears were still cold, though less bitten by the wind. Still, she looked forward to the vehicle warming up. She made a note to stop by the dollar store on her way home from work to get a new pair of earmuffs, at least until her old ones were back together.


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