Hail the Builders

The supplicants gathered.

They stood around the alter, all wearing their holy cargo pants. They knelt before the altar, and bowed.

“Hail,” they chanted. “Hail. Hail to the great builders. Hail to the ones who constructed the earth. Hail to the ones who built the world. Hail to the mighty ones who brought the universe to existence.”

“Hail to the mighty hammer. Hail to the great screwdrivers, the Robertson and the Philips and the Hex and the Supadriv. Hail to the mighty saw. Hail, all.”

The supplicants stood and made the hail gestures – some bending their arm at the elbow and bringing it forward, some holding their arms out straight and twisting, and some holding their hands flat, perpendicular to the floor, and moving their arms forward and back.

As the ceremony came to an end, the supplicants turned and moved away. The altar remained, bearing the tools of construction, ready for tomorrow’s round of prayers.


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