Panic on the Workfloor

“PANIC,” Doug shouted through the workspace. He stood up at his computer threw his papers in the air, and started to run. He ran around his desk, then around the whole work pod, then over toward the windows. He ran to his boss’s office, pounded on the door, then ran off to his boss’s boss’s door and pounded there.

People started to look up from their computers, taking out their headphones, wondering what was up. Doug kept running.

“PANIC PANIC PANIC,” he shouted as he ran, flying past HR and down the hallway to IT. He stopped at the end of the door, shouted, “PANIC,” then ran back.

By now, people were returning to their computers. Doug ran around for a few more minutes, shouting and grabbing peoples’ shoulders. They looked at him, nodded, and kept working.

Finally he settled down, and returned to his seat. He set his alarm for an hour and a half, ready to get people up and going again.


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