Please Remove All Piercings

Reina lay down, as instructed, and waited. The machine started to move her into the little tube, and she breathed deeper, trying not to feel trapped.

To take her mind off of the small space, she moved her hand on her stomach, and started fiddling with the little bar stuck through her belly button. She remembered getting the piercing, the fun night she had been having, the shock of the metal going into her belly.

She hoped, now, that the technician wouldn’t notice her. It was good to take her mind off of what was happening, but he had specifically asked if she had any metal piercings.

She had done her research, knew it was a titanium piercing so it should be fine. But still, people could be so pushy about rules.

The machine started its chunking sound, and she felt a sudden pain. The piercing tore out of her, between her fingers, and into the device above her.

“Ahh!” she yelled, the small wound in her stomach now bleeding.

The technician shut off the machine, and she started to slide out. A nurse came hurrying in to the room.

“I’m so sorry,” Reina said. “It was titanium, it was supposed to be okay!”

The technician sighed, another machine to get fixed.

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