Trouble in Fairyland

Cinderella picked up her cell phone, searched through the numbers, and called.

“Hey Mitzi, how are Fitzi and Dot?”

An oinking came through from the other side, then she heard Mitzi’s voice. “Hey, Cindy, we’re all good. Still holed up in this little brick hovel. Sounds like something’s outside, so none of us want to head out and see. How are you?”

“Oh, you know. Sitting around, the boys are all off to work.”

“Yeah? And you’re still okay with more than one husband?”

“I mean, I love them all, but seven husbands is a bit much to manage at the moment. They just need so much attention, you know? And the wedding night, well…it was more like a week. They’re small, but a woman can only take so much, you know?”

“I hear you. Fitzi and Dot both have these guys over, and you know I had Pinnochio over as well, which let me tell you, I didn’t think Dot would be so conservative about that one, but anyway, we have a full house, and madness outside. Fitzi’s talking about piglets, too, which would just be madness.”

“Yikes. We haven’t even started talking about kids yet. That’ll be a hell of a ride.”

“Yeah, I bet! Anyway, anything you need in particular?”

“No, just…I dunno, bored. I keep thinking I should return to my legal practice, but I’m having to convince one of the boys to do some cooking, and they are lazy as sin.”

“Aww. Well, do it, and then make them get back to work! They like to work, and they got by without you before, so now they just have to set one more place for when you get home.”

“Hmm, good point. Yeah, okay. Thanks, Mitz, I just needed the encouragement! I’ll head over to the bar association this afternoon. Want to come? I’ll pick you up in the citroen.”

“Sure, I’ll see you at 2?”

“Sounds good, see you then, Mitz!”

“Bye Cindy!”


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