Indoor Tennis

Louis bounced the tennis ball on the ground. He knew it would annoy the neighbours downstairs, but they were always annoyed.

He threw the ball up, raised his arm, and hit the ball toward the net. It just cleared the top, and was returned. He hit again, and again, and again, each time the ball bouncing off the floor first.

There was a knocking at the door.

Louis opened it, and it was the neighbour.

“Hey, could you stop?”

“I need to practice!” Louis said.

“So head to the local court or something, man. The constant bouncing is really annoying and distracting.”

“Well, find somewhere else to work.”

“You’re just hitting the ball against your own wall. Go find an actual opponent. And stop playing here, or I’ll make another complaint to the landlord.”

“Fine. Sorry to bother you.”

The neighbour didn’t reply; he just turned and left. Louis put his tennis racket away, and went to his computer to look for somewhere to play.


One thought on “Indoor Tennis

  1. Gave in to peer pressure…tsk tsk.
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