Take Me Out

Garfield scratched at the door, needing out. Liz looked up from her book.

“Really Garf?” she asked. “I just took you out, like, twenty minutes ago!”

The dog looked at her, pleading, and she sighed. “Okay, hold on.” She walked to the door, pulled on her shoes and a coat, and grabbed the leash. Garfield spun around, excited now.

“Just a quick one,” Liz said, clipping the leash on his collar. She opened the door, and Garfield went running out, pulling her along behind him.

They reached the edge of the lawn, and Garfield immediately squatted and peed. The relief on his face was clear, and Liz was glad she had capitulated to his desires. It had been quite some time since the need to clean up dog pee inside, but it could still happen, she knew.

Liz was about to turn, but Garfield was now on the sidewalk, pulling her along.

“What? You want to walk?” she said. Garfield turned to her, eyes pleading. “Fine, but only a short one.” She followed him, and his nose went to straight to the ground.


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