Cookie Time

Dinah had her money ready. She stood by the door, looking out the little window. She was set. Prepared.

Outside, the Girl Guides were wandering the streets, peddling their wares. Dinah was ready for this moment, the day when they would be released, when the tiny hands would come knocking, requesting payment for their goods. When Dinah’s year-long suffering would be relieved.

The time was close. She saw the Hopson girl across the street, talking to Kokras. No dice kid, she thought. The Kokras are diabetic, your sugar-laced treats will –

Dinah’s thought was cut off by the exchange of green for two boxes. Dinah frowned, knowing that was fewer boxes for her, but as the girl handed change back, she knew it would be good in the long term. The kid would probably get some more at the next troop meeting, or whatever you call it.

Finally, the time came. The Hopson kid grabbed her wagon and pulled it behind her. She stopped at the street, looked both ways, and then crossed. Dinah watched as the little girl in blue approached. She ducked out of the window before the kid noticed her, and waited, her breath a little faster.

Finally the doorbell rang. Dinah threw the door open, the child’s hand still raised from pressing the button.

“Hello, would you like – ” the kid began.

Dinah interrupted her, blurting out, “I’ll take them all!”

The kid looked at her, then at her wagon. She shrugged, then started counting. Finally she turned back and said, “That will be a hundred and eighteen dollars, please.”

Dinah fished out the cash and handed it to the kid. “Keep the change,” Dinah said, as she started pulling boxes in to her house. The kid helped her put them just in the doorway, and when the wagon was empty, she turned.

“Thank you for supporting – ,” but Dinah had already closed the door.


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