New Name

“Meghan Yoon?”

Meghan stepped forward. “Here, sir.”

“Okay, what name would you like this year?”

“Can I keep the same one?”

“No. You must change your name today. You know the rules, everyone changes their name once per year.”

“But why though?”

The clerk sighed. “One every year,” he muttered. “Because that’s how things have been done, and how they need to continue. Because the new Renaming Act of 2035 sets out how everyone must change their name, once per year, in order to ensure that no name becomes better than others. And because if you don’t, you’ll be fined and face possible prison time.”

“But I don’t think it’s a good law. It doesn’t help anyone. It just makes everyone confused about who they are, and I think might be a means of con – ”

“Ms. Yoon, you have five second to choose a new name, or I’ll call security and you can deal with it that way.”

“Okay, um, is Chantal Broady taken?”

“No, congratulations Chantal. Next please.”

Chantal left the office, still uncertain about this. The clerk flagged her file.


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